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Original sketch for THE HIEROPHANT (V) in The Marker Tarot

Closer to how THE HIEROPHANT (V) will appear in The Marker Tarot [Note: This is the sketch at the top of this post, with the Photoshop color inversion filter applied, followed by the glowing edges filter ... another design experiment along the way.]

For comparison, THE HIEROPHANT (V) in the well-known Rider/Waite/Smith deck

As I mentioned at the end of my previous post, The Hierophant (V) was one of the most difficult Marker Tarot* designs to finalize. It was equally so in my Tactile Tarot (the deck that ultimately morphed into The Marker Tarot) and in my Taiga Tarot (see signature below for link to its blog). This is at least partly due to my identification with V as it's one card in my "family" of cards in the Tarot, as determined by methods such as numerology and astrology. And it's the primary card in my "family," as The Hierophant's number is five, and I'm a five by both name and birth date numerology. This identification can sometimes make me a bit doubtful about how I see V. Do I see it clearly, feel it deeply enough, or does my own reflection get in the way?

There are other possible reasons for my difficulty with its design but that's not what this post is about. Especially as I did finally decide on a design I like and resonate with. One that expands somewhat on The Hierophant in my Taiga Tarot, taking off from an old name for V: The Pope, or Pontiff, which word means "bridge builder." And that is a nicely graphic way to depict spiritual teaching, one of V's most commonly agreed upon central aspects. In a less exclusively spiritual context The Hierophant might be seen as honoring the human need to tell one's story to others. To be heard ... and in that way to touch and to be known.

Looking at the Tarot cards as representing a journey from birth onward, by the V one has come far enough along one's path to have stories separate and different from one's parental figures (III and IV, the previous cards). And this emergent individuality leads to choices that are often represented by the following card which I'll post next, The Lovers (VI). BTW, this little story I find emerging as I post The Marker Tarot cards is only one way the progression of the cards might be seen. I imagine many Tarot aficionados are inspired by the richness of the Tarot to see other stories.

*The other two decks I've got going are Roswila's Taiga Tarot (blog dedicated solely to the deck's designs), and Roswila's Tarot Gallery & Journal (you can search for "Found Tarot" at the top left of this blog; the photo/cards for The Found Tarot are salted betwixt and between all sorts of other posts).

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For the full details (history of and ideas behind this deck's designs) please see this blogs' first post, The Fool.

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'til next time, keep enjoying The Tarot, in whatever forms it comes to you,

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