Thursday, August 9, 2018


Original sketch for Strength (VIII) in The Marker Tarot

Closer to how Strength (VIII) will appear in The Marker Tarot

For comparison, Strength (VIII) in the well-known Rider/Waite/Smith deck

First, it's such fun to be back to work on The Marker Tarot.* Until Strength (VIII) (today's design) popped into my memory as I was starting off on a long walk, I'd not realized how much I'd missed this particular aspect of my journey with The Tarot. It was like having a friend of a great many years one hasn't seen in ages, suddenly appear on one's doorstep.

As to why this sudden visit from VIII? I'll be exploring that question for some time to come, I'm sure. But right now I can say it's to remind me I'm not the only person ever to have to continually learn how best to wrestle lovingly with a "lion within." A lion who is most dangerous when ignored and denied, and most powerful and life-giving when cared for and guided gently and compassionately. The hitch to all this? As Jung has been purported to have said "How does one find a lion that has swallowed you?"

At the end of my last post, on The Chariot, I mention that VIII is one of my favorite Tarot Majors, as well as Marker Tarot designs. Well, the former is still quite true. And the latter also. However, not without first doing a bit of fussing at it today. I kept trying to make more out of both the leminiscate/mobius strip and its relationship to the triangle. But I finally realized what works is the simplicity and have retained my original design.

Speaking of that triangle, BTW. I read somewhere many years ago in an unrelated context, that the triangle is the strongest of geometric forms. So it has always seemed a very appropriate and simple glyph for a card entitled "Strength."

The next card up will be The Hermit (IX). As I worked on this Marker Tarot (and it's predecessor whose designs underlie much of it, The Tactile Tarot) I would find my glyphs for IX and VIII becoming way too similar. That sense of inner/outer kept taking over them both. But, as you may see when I make the IX post, I've finally made a clear distinction between them. VIII stressing more the connecting to/taming the inner, and IX sharing the inner outwardly. Yeah, a picture sure is worth a thousand words, isn't it? I often feel hopeless to express anything fully in words, much less accurately. And that could be said to be the plight of the poet (something else I have pretensions of being): drawn to express what ultimately can't be. But The Hermit has a lovely way of expressing without words or even many times, intent: by simply living her/his life to the best of her/his ability.

*The other two decks I've got going are Roswila's Taiga Tarot (blog dedicated solely to the deck's designs), and Roswila's Tarot Gallery & Journal (you can search for "Found Tarot" at the top left of this blog; the photo/cards for The Found Tarot are salted betwixt and between all sorts of other posts).

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For the full details (history of and ideas behind this deck's designs) please see this blogs' first post, The Fool.

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'til next time, keep enjoying The Tarot, in whatever forms it comes to you,

[aka: Patricia Kelly]
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